“Pocket Guide to the Brush Country: 101 Plants and Animals of South Texas”

• “Pocket Guide to the Brush Country: 101 Plants & Animals of South Texas – Rob Porter and Mark S. McDonald

Late one night, to the crackle of a mesquite campfire and the serenade of coyotes, somebody described a bird he had seen that day and wondered what it was. Another fellow lowered his cup and asked for a positive I.D. on a rodent skipping at the edge of the firelight.

Too bad, a third said, that there isn’t a book that fit in a back pocket that shows the species most common to South Texas, and by extension, much of the Southwest. Actually, there is.

Almost a year in the making and backed by decades of original field research by trained professionals and illuminated by some the nation’s top photographers, Pocket Guide has proven an educational tool for hikers, campers, bird-watchers, hunters, trail riders and amateur naturalists who care about our wildlife resources.

Featuring countless photos from the eyes and hearts of Mike Biggs, Dave Richards, John Jefferson and Dr. Steve Bentsen, DVM, this handy mini-book, co-authored by Mark S. McDonald and Robert B. Porter, Jr., serves as a ready reference for those who care about the right stuff. Former executive director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife, Andrew Sansom, penned the preface, encouraging all Americans to make wise and prudent use of our wildlife resources.

Note that McDonald remains forever grateful to the enlightened journalists in mid-management at the San Antonio Express-News. Without their wisdom in firing him in the late 1990s, this book – and others to follow – might never have been possible.

(142 pages, Firewheel Media, checks payable to: RBP Land, POB 10392, Midland, TX 79702, $9.95 + $5.05 shipping/handling = $15 total)

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