“As Texas As It Gets : The Hill Country Life and Times of Bob Ramsey“

“As Texas As It Gets : The Hill Country Life and Times of Bob Ramsey “ – Bob Ramsey, with Mark S. McDonald

A former wildlife biologist, hunter, public speaker, rancher and flint-knapper, the late Bob Ramsey stands clear as one of the premier campfire raconteurs of his generation. Robert Ray Ramsey grew up in the scenic, sometimes potentially perilous, Edwards Plateau, in the early 1900s, just as the Model T Ford began to share trails with horses and mule-drawn wagons. Telephone wires were strung from oak tree to mesquite so neighboring ranchers could share gossip and news via party lines.

The Ramsey family and their rural neighbors faced killer floods and enjoyed hunting expeditions and fishing trips. They coped with  drought and rattlesnakes, yet still had time to navigate close scrapes with wild boars, bucking broncos and pull playful pranks on friends.  At every turn, Ramsey’s tales harken back to a way of life gone and almost forgotten.

From Mickey Mantle and his Yankee partner-in-crime Billy Martin to legendary leader Geronimo … from Dallas Cowboy linebacker Chuck Howley to notorious poachers … they’re all here, as told to author Mark S. McDonald, brought into vivid focus with lively story-telling.

Original pen-and-ink Illustrations were created by noted Texas-based artist Randy Mack Bishop; introduction by the late, great Elmer Kelton, who wrote:

“Imagine sitting at a campfire in a hunting or fishing camp on a pleasant fall evening, listening to the crackle of dry firewood and the pleasant voice of a natural story-teller, a true man of the outdoors, Bob Ramsey. Hear him well. He knows whereof he speaks.”

(243 pages, Firewheel Media, checks payable to: RBP Land, POB 10392, Midland, TX 79702, $14.95 + $5.05 shipping/handling = $20 total)

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